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Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine is one of the most commonly used timbers for construction in the US. The long straight trunks of EWP were once prized as ship masts. The King of England's habit of marking out and reserving all of the biggest and best trees for use in his navy lead to The Pine Tree Riot of 1772.

Facts about Eastern White Pine

Facts about Eastern White Pine

  • Distribution: Eastern North America
  • Tree Size: 65-100ft Tall and 2-4ft Trunk Diameter
  • Average Dried Weight: 25lbs/ft3
  • Specific Gravity: .34, .40 (12% MC)
  • Janka Hardiness: 380 lbf
  • Modulus of Rupture: 8,600 lb f/in2
  • Elastic Modulus: 1,240,000 lb f/in2
  • Crushing Strength: 4800 lb f/in2
  • Shrinkage: Radial 2.1% Tangetial 6.1% Volumetric 8.2%
  • Sustainability: Reported by the IUCN as a species of least concern

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